Therapy can be daunting but together we can work through any issues you have in a safe and confidential space.

Areas of therapy I deal with:

Depression ϕ  Anxiety ϕ Family issues ϕ Finances 

Friendship ϕ Parenting ϕ Relationships 

ϕ Spirituality ϕ Stress ϕ Work/life balance ϕ Addictions  

Phobias ϕ Anxiety ϕ Fears ϕ Childhood ϕ Traumas ϕ Confidence ϕ Self esteem

Abortion ϕ Body dysmorphic disorder ϕ Child related issues 

Domestic violence ϕ Emotional abuse ϕ Generalised anxiety disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ϕ Relationship problems

Sex problems ϕ Work-related stress ϕ Abuse ϕ Affairs and betrayals

Bullying ϕ Drug abuse ϕ Hoarding ϕ Low self-confidence

Panic disorder ϕ Phobias ϕ Postnatal depression

Self-harm ϕ Sexual abuse ϕ Stress ϕ Bereavement

Eating disorders ϕ Internet addiction ϕ Low self-esteem

Passive aggressive behaviour ϕ Physical abuse

Separation and divorce ϕ Sexuality ϕ Trauma

What our customers are saying

I had Lucy as my therapist for a little under 2 years. She helped me realise so much about my past and how it was affecting my present, in ways that I hadn't even noticed. I can't thank her enough for the support she gave me during that time.

Anonymous - St Ives, UK